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Ghost Hounds Open for Bob Seger in Pittsburgh

In his recent coverage of Bob Seger’s farewell tour, Scott Tady, writer for The Times, applauds Ghost Hounds for their tight sound and rock n’ roll meets blues boogie as they opened for Seger on October 17, 2019 at the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA.

“And like “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” reminds us, there’s always new bands out there playing it loud and lean, just like Thursday’s opening act, Ghost Hounds.

The Pittsburgh-based band earned hearty applause for its tight sound. Delivering rock ‘n’ roll with a blues boogie, Ghost Hounds ripped through songs from a debut album arriving in November, plus a wicked-cool cover of ’70s song “Devil Woman,” which has become a setlist staple. Staying on the road with Seger as he plays his final week of shows, after earlier this autumn supporting ZZ Top on the road, Ghost Hounds are led by the soulful singing of Tre Nation, who’s often smiling or twirling his microphone, and the rugged yet smooth tandem guitar of Johnny Baab and Thomas Tull, part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. No wonder Franco Harris introduced them on stage.

Though a big part of the Ghost Hounds’ fun Thursday was watching keyboardist Joe Munroe, of Center Township, whose fleet finger work grabbed the attention during the band’s final song, “Bad News.” Munroe also chipped in with vocal harmonies on several songs. With his head tilted back and a look of delight on his face, you had to wonder if, at some point, he was thinking about the times he had sat in the audience at that same arena, or at the ol’ Civic Arena across the street.

Indeed, rock and roll never forgets.”

– Scott Tady, The Times

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